Analyze Business

How Offtoa Analyzes Your Business

Offtoa provides extensive feedback for you concerning the viability of your financial plan. We do it in three ways:

Assumptions Review: This is a static, but thorough, review of all of your business assumptions. We are checking to make sure that (a) you haven't omitted any critical ones, and (b) no blatant inconsistencies exist among them. We recommend that you perform this review before you perform the other reviews because these problems are all easy to fix, and their presence make the subsequent issues fairly irrelevant.

Financial Review: This is a detailed analysis of all your financial reports. We tell you what potential investors or lenders will tell you about your income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, cap table, and internal rates of return. Even if you are not interested in investor or lender money, you are investing your time and the issues uncovered by this review are extremely important to you personally. In many cases, resolving them will make the difference between success and failure of your company.

Final Review: This is a final check to make sure you have fixed the most important problem in your business strategy. It also provides you with some final advice you might consider following before you proceed to the next steps with your company.

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