Financial Reports

Offtoa provides both standard pro forma financial statements as well as some unique financial reports to make your company's financial planning a breeze. The standard financial statements are:

  • Income statement, aka profit and loss (P&L) statement, shows your company's revenues, expenses, and profit (or loss) during a period of time.
  • Cash flow statement, shows all the cash coming into (or out of) the company during a period of time.
  • Balance sheet, shows all the company's assets (things the company owns) and liabilities (things the company owes), as well as the difference (the shareholders' equity) at a moment of time.

The other reports provided by Offtoa include:

  • Per unit product analysis, shows you the contribution to the company's bottom line of the sale of one unit of each product.
  • Capitalization table, aka cap table, shows you exactly who owns how many of each class of shares of the company.
  • Internal rate of return, aka IRR, analysis, shows you valuation of the company upon a liquidity event, how the proceeds would be distributed among the classes of shareholders, and what their IRRs would be.
  • Customer analysis, shows on a month-by-month basis, exactly how many new customers you acquired through sales and marketing efforts, how many new customers you acquired through referrals, and how many customers you lost through attrition.

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